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    Silverstone 2011, British Grand Prix (PIC HEAVY) - F1,GP2,GP3 & PORSCHE content


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    Silverstone 2011, British Grand Prix (PIC HEAVY) - F1,GP2,GP3 & PORSCHE content

    Post  rbrocky on Tue Jul 12, 2011 11:48 pm

    Firstly i would reely appreciate it if you would let me know what pics you liked best and any tips of improving my skills. I shoot Sony Alpha 290, with most of these pics taken using a 50-200mm lens (not the best gear but I am an ameature and just getting into it all realy)

    Here are a "small" number of the large amount i took from the weekend, ranging from all of the classes and all of the sessions, from various locations around the track itself (all are in chronological order). Sunday i was sitting in Luffield B all day.

    I reely like how you can make out the amount of spray around the car that you can't normally make out when at full speed.

    This is probabilly one of my favourites, taken from GP2 (IIRC)

    How bad was the weather on the Friday?! The background is unrecognisable!

    spot the bald Patch anyone?

    another of my favourites

    Taken about 60mins before the race

    Alonso driving a Historic F1 ferrari

    Taken about 20mins before the race!

    1st lap Spray

    Lewis running out of road

    Thumbs up from Lewis and Schuy after the race

    wet curbs through Village still ... after the race

    JB was here 2011

    Vettel in his garage thanking his team (taken from the pit wall)

    Quite rare to see an R8 in british racing green (parked infront of a LY R27)

    So if your still with me after all that - thanks for looking and remember any tips much appreciated Smile



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