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    JWF's EP2 Civic


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    JWF's EP2 Civic

    Post  JWF on Thu Feb 17, 2011 12:58 am

    As the owner of the forum, I'm going to kick things off which some photos of my motor.

    Its a 2004 EP2 1.6 VTEC.

    Had some mods already, with loads yet to come!

    Spec list includes:

    - Nokya gear knob import
    - Bride neckrests

    - FATLACE stickers and other decals
    - Private numberplate, short plate up front
    - Mitsubishi Evo IV wheels (O.Z. F1 4x115)
    - TOYO TR1s
    - Type R bodykit (as standard)
    - debadged
    - ultra brilliance bulbs

    - High temp aluminium polished short ram intake pipe
    - Red cotton cone air filter
    - Standard Honda caf
    - 4" slash cut exhaust (big bore)

    Thanks, JWF

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