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    Lawis' Corsa C 1.8 SRi



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    Lawis' Corsa C 1.8 SRi

    Post  Lawis. on Tue Feb 22, 2011 1:48 pm

    Nicked straight off CCUK http://www.corsa-c.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?294685-Lawis-Ultra-Blue-1.8-SRi-Progress-Thread

    [QUOTE=Lawis.;5567784]Right, here's the new C

    picked it up from Warren G yesterday, and straight away fitted Spax RSX coilovers, wound most of the way down.
    Fitted tinted side repeateres
    Sony HU
    The sub from the old car (mutent lol)
    Dial blue LEDs,

    few downsides to the car,
    mirrors ain't moving (probs stolen lol)
    badly needs a new flexi pipe,
    front discs have ALOT of lip lol,
    drivers pocket falling off lol

    But to drive, it's like a dreaaammmm,
    holds on the road so well Very Happy

    Then today I've picked up some smoked headlights and HIDs in both dipped and full,
    although I neeeed some eyebrows cos there is still glue on them, oh and they need a clean,

    new update coming soon, as right now I'm waiting for Lex. to get home lol, sitting in starbucks on my phone,[/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE=Lawis.;5569036]Right the start of the proper stuff:

    Got the Spax RSX coilovers (including a Spax baseball cap Razz) on thursday :dance:

    And filled my front room with a fair bit of stuff,

    There was also another full interior there, mum wasn't pleased,

    Got a lift over to warrens,

    And he fitted the collies for me Smile

    And i also fitted in the Sub and HU from the old car, gonna fit comps asap,

    Drove home very happly, was verrry weird getting used to the power, took it to the limiter without realising once or twice, picks up alot quicker than a 3 pot Very Happy

    Got some smoked facelifts and HIDs today off stevie

    Getting eyebrows asap aswell Laughing

    Photo on a layby off the A1 (cos i needed a piss lol)

    More to come tomorrow hopefully Very Happy[/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE=Lawis.;5571569]New seats Razz

    Old C Vs New C :dance:




    [QUOTE=Lawis.;5629644]Thought i'd give the C a quick clean today,

    I also got a turbogauge trip thingy, just need to get some velcro pad things asap Razz

    Next mod will be 308s :yummy:
    And also eyebrows, need them badly Laughing[/QUOTE]




    Pictures from today Smile[/QUOTE]


    Big update :look:

    Also a lovely bit of ICE will be on its way shortly, keeping that under wraps

    Quick wash:


    [QUOTE=Lawis.;6003474]Last night i just got into bed, and realised its just a bit silly, going for an omp wheel, harnesses etc when i'm adding ICE etc, just a clash of modding styles,

    And the harness was really ****ing me off, and i wouldn't not have an airbag without a harness[/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE=Lawis.;6022308]Surprised Wheres the xcaust mani


    [QUOTE=Lawis.;6042236]Few recent pics:

    Updates to follow tomorrow aswell :thumbs:[/QUOTE]


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    Re: Lawis' Corsa C 1.8 SRi

    Post  JWF on Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:06 pm

    love it, man.
    you're getting new buckets aint you? or trying to sell the sparco ones?

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    Re: Lawis' Corsa C 1.8 SRi

    Post  SPFH73 on Tue Feb 22, 2011 4:59 pm

    Jesus man that looks immense lol


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    Re: Lawis' Corsa C 1.8 SRi

    Post  Lawis. on Tue Feb 22, 2011 6:00 pm

    Cheers mate,

    Selling the buckets and going back to SRi seats Smile


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    Re: Lawis' Corsa C 1.8 SRi

    Post  Lawis. on Fri Jun 03, 2011 7:43 pm

    Taken straight off my home forum:

    [QUOTE=Lawis.;6064333]They're FTW

    Few pics


    [QUOTE=Lawis.;6115978]Cheers jay,

    Right updates:

    I was on my way out and saw that ^^ unlucky Sad

    Then i got on a plane to germany, and sat in a nice chair

    Then alot of this was consumed:

    Can you guess the missing letters......

    Oh yeah and i almost forgot:


    bathroom sealant ftl!!!! Laughing










    Also, anyone know if my car has a raised limiter? me and warren had a little chat, he thought it was raised, i didn't think it was,

    I havn't driven it since, and cba to go find out Laughing[/QUOTE]

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    Re: Lawis' Corsa C 1.8 SRi

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