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    Clio LED clock conversion


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    Clio LED clock conversion Empty Clio LED clock conversion

    Post  rbrocky on Wed Apr 27, 2011 12:35 am

    ok, ive had a few people ask me how to do this so i thought it was about time to make a guide and do my bit for the club,
    so though this guid is for a clio the basic principle applies for most cars

    Clio LED clock conversion DSC06877

    if you are not very electrical minded i would recommend not doing it, or buying a spare set of clocks and testing it out on there - the 2nd time is always far easlier and will take you a hell of a lot quicker.

    start by taking your dash out - 3 screw off of the vent near the window, one each side doors have to be open to get to these, and the 2 around the stearing wheel housing, and then 2 more there. remove the a pillars and then the whole dash will just lift out

    you have to take the clocks apart - has around 5 screws on the back of it.
    then take a picture of how the needles are positioned, then pull them off one at a time. they will be quite hard to pull off but then they will just ping off and go flying! - use 2 tea spoons, one each side of the needle - dont be affraid to use a little bit of force, but they will go flying, dont worry about that though.

    once this is done take the clock into its different layers, and you will see 10 SMDs they are LEDs that are like 2mm Square.

    search on ebay plcc-2 smd and pic your colour or here is a link to some red ones

    buy 20 just incase it messes up
    - there will be 4 where the digital screen is.
    - there will be 2 where the RPM guage is
    - 2 where the speedo is
    - and there will be one on the temp gauge and one on the petrol gauge.

    Clio LED clock conversion DSC07212

    using a fine tipped soldering iron (and i meen quite very fine) desolder the old smds, being sure to make note of the polarity ( where the corner is cut off of the SMD) remember to get it the same when solding it back on. take a picture so this can be made easier.

    then solder a new one in its place with the correct polarity, trying not to melt all the tracks on the PCB and trying not to bridge them with solder. then re assemble the dash and voilah!

    when pluging the clocks back in, if the digital screen doesnt display, dont worry just unplug and replug in in the other order, ie red one first , or red one second. if this still doesnt help, blow them of dust and also fiddle, around, youll get there in the end.

    when testing the SMDs, turn on your sidelights and for instance this may happen : the rev counter petrol gauge and thetemp gauge will come on but no speedo - THERE WILL NEVER BE HALF A GAUGE LIT. this is due to them being on their own individual circuits, so if it doesnt light, one or more SMDs on that circuit are connected wrongly - overcooked during soldering process or have been bridged. hope that part made sence

    when your clocks are appart you can do the indicators, and headlight indications.

    thats about it!, if you are struggling or just dont want to do it yourself, if you send it down to me i dont mind doing them for a small cost - just for my time or what ever.
    ive done quite a few now - my clio another clio, a mates punto and evern a renault master!

    ive recently just finished off doing the rest of my dash, inc the clock and the headlight alignment n*b, and the window switches etc etc

    any more help needed, PM me, will be glad to help!

    hope it was easy enough to understand


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