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    Decreasing in land size but increasing in luxury


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    Decreasing in land size but increasing in luxury Empty Decreasing in land size but increasing in luxury

    Post  Alisha on Wed Jun 08, 2011 11:16 am

    The land market transfers offer the possibility of redistribution of land across different socio-economic groups.  The analysis of this issue centers on the following factors:
    (1)           Size-class wise number of gainers, losers and static forms
    (2)           Size-class wise sales and purchase of land
    (3)           Land sale pressures
    (4)           Sources of funds for purchase
    (5)           Pattern of distribution of land and household mobility
    The total households analyzed in the sample were grouped into five classes according to their initial ownership of land, namely, households owning between 0 and 10 cents; 10 and 20 cents; 20 and 50 cents; 50 and 100 cents; and above 100 cents respectively.  The proportion of the gainers of land was higher among the first group of households belonging to the lowest strata, and this group constituted 90 percent, 94 percent and 89 percent respectively in the city centers, fringe areas and the rural areas.  However in recent times due to the space crunch, Cochin Real Estate is now witnessing a proliferation of villas with j a land area of just 5 cents of land.
    Among all the other classes, the number of gainers was less than the number of losers of land.  Even more striking perhaps is the evidence of persistence and stability in the bottom category over a particular time period.  One plausible explanation for the stability among the smallest group with less than 10 cents could be that their ownership of land included only ‘homestead’ land, which is not sold normally.  The major proportion of these gainers came from the immigrants, who purchased land for construction of their own houses. 

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    Decreasing in land size but increasing in luxury Empty Re: Decreasing in land size but increasing in luxury

    Post  JWF on Sun Jun 19, 2011 4:03 pm

    that's brilliant

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